Duran Duran Sue Their Own Fan Club

Duran Duran Sue Their Own Fan Club
Most bands treat their fan clubs to goodies like exclusive releases and ticket pre-sales, but Duran Duran have found a rather unusual way of giving back to their fan club: a lawsuit.

To be clear, the synth-pop stalwarts aren't actually suing the fans that belong to the club. Rather, they are suing Worldwide Fan Clubs (WFC), an Illinois company that sets up fan clubs for celebrities. Duran Duran alleges that WFC dropped the ball in its operation of the group's fan club, and they're suing them for at least $40,000 U.S. in damages.

Duran Duran hired the company in 2010. WFC's responsibilities were to include storing and selling merch, collecting membership fees and keeping accurate records of fan club members and accounting. The band would receive 75 percent of profits, while WFC would get the other 25 percent. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Duran Duran claim that WFC failed to keep proper accounting records and make revenue payments.

The suit was filed in Cook County Circuit Court on Monday (July 21).

UPDATE: Duran Duran have now issued the following statement about the lawsuit:

"Duran Duran value and respect their many fans around the world and feel compelled to correct the media's misrepresentation of its lawsuit against Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc.

"The Band emphatically states that the lawsuit is not against its loyal fans but simply seeks to protect its rights against the company that formerly managed its fan club.

"Duran Duran have now brought their official fan community in-house and continue to make every effort to provide the highest level of service."