Dungen "Festival"

There’s a reason why everyone’s talking about Sweden’s latest, greatest export. Dungen (aka Gustav Ejstes) doesn’t feel the need to anglicise music for the masses with his third album, Ta det lugnt (only available on import through Sweden’s Subliminal Sounds). Instead the 24-year old prodigy attracts listeners with some of the most beautiful and mind-expanding psychedelic pop ever. Bold statement yes, but hearing a song like "Festival" is like finding a needle in a haystack. The immediate thumping of the backbeat and powered acoustic guitar strumming follow Ejstes’ thick accent like a lost puppy dog. Halfway through, out of nowhere, everything is swathed by a swirling melange of colourful pianos and a stream of effects pedals resulting in an immaculate piece of shimmering polyphony. (www.subliminalsounds.se/DOK/dungen2.html)