Dumb Stupid Liars Share Ethereal New Track "Finally"

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 29, 2022

Exclaim! Class of 2022 alum Dumb Stupid Liars have released their track "Finally" on all streaming platforms. 

Staying true to their noughties pop-inspired sound, the track is contemplative as it plays with themes of self-esteem and coming to terms with yourself. 

"Back in 2018, my friend Kenneth Collins was working on his queer mini-series which inspired me to write this track. It was supposed to be the ending credits song but that ended up falling through," bandleader Ana Konda tells Exclaim! "I wanted the lyrics to reflect the themes of radical self-acceptance, a journey I was also going through at the time. Since then, the production has been updated a million times and I've finally got it to sound how I originally envisioned. A little pop rock and ethereal."

"Finally" follows last year's single "Wait."

Listen to "Finally" below. 

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