Duhks Migrations

The Duhks, whose name sounds like ducks, are Winnipeggers whose migratory path and musical sensibilities connect them with Nashville, but by varying indirect routes. Between the Great White North and the Old South they’re flight plan makes stopovers all over the musical map. Their debut, Your Daughters & Your Sons, was praised by the likes of Doc Watson, Dolly Parton, David Crosby and tens of thousands of record buying music lovers. Birds of different feathers band together, like the Duhks, whose wide appeal is owed to their flush of Canadian influences, Irish dance, soul, gospel, American folk, zydeco and samba. The Duhks aren’t picky, and they’ll share their bread with just about everyone. The lively quintet brings plenty to the table. As a band whose musical tastes and talents come together powerfully though vocal and instrumental harmonies, they affirm strength through diversity. Their connection to roots music and their potent creative spirit compliment one another, giving their music both a sense of tradition and relevance. Migrations features a moving rendition of Tracy Chapman’s "Mountain O’ Things,” a few traditional numbers, and a stellar collection of originals. Altogether it’s a V-formation worth flying with. (Sugar Hill)