Dubmatix Atomic Subsonic

It’s no surprise Dubmatix’s (aka Jesse King) second release builds on his first. Champion Soundclash featured modern dub styles at a variety of tempos, evoking all eras of dub from the mid-’70s onward. After having licensed it in Europe, this second album benefits from the visibility generated by that move. On the whole, Dubmatix’s sound has gotten much roots-ier. Certain tracks such as "Skankin and Rockin” are of a mid-’70s vintage, quite slow by modern dub standards, but ringing true nonetheless, while "Warning” sounds closer to his first disc. Special guest stars are definitive roots singer Freddie McGregor and newer generation conscious vocalist Anthony B, whose energetic flow enlivens "Who a De Boss”; having an A-level vocalists Dubmatix treatments takes them to a higher level. Canadian talent is well represented with vocalists Treson, Kwabena Reuben and Raffa Dean heading the class, and Isax provides vital melodic invention on horn. Dubmatix’s beat constructions, although fewer in number, are better focused than his debut. "Champion Sound” and "My Selecta” have great remix potential, both riding break beats. I still think the best is yet to come from the very talented Dubmatix, but this is fine work. (Independent)