Dsico That No-Talent Hack Fool

Fool is a very remix-heavy EP from the Australian known for his bizarre mash-ups and covers. At times, it’s like what David Byrne would have gone for if he had been obsessed with cheap samplers instead of world music, and there’s definitely some Joy Division in there — but then in 2006, everyone sounds like Joy Division. While there are good ideas here, sadly it just doesn’t rise to anywhere near the heights of those influences, sabotaged by repetition and could-care-less singing. After the five middling original tracks are full twelve-inch remixes of the preceding and other tracks, in no apparent order. Given their number, the mixes all sound disappointingly uniform, which is a shame. There are some standouts, like Blastcorp’s mix of "Morning City Stirs” and DJ Twitch’s take on "Walking,” but the four separate mixes of "Modulations” pretty much rules out the chance of an end-to-end listen. Probably best to hold off for a "real” album. (Spasticated)