Drift Ceiling Sky

With their 2005 release, Noumena, this San Francisco crew eked out a patch of post-rock ground that abutted against the jazz/fusion property line. This collection of tracks previously only available on vinyl releases further articulates some of their best attributes. On the 2004 "Streets/Nozomi” tracks, Safa Shokrai’s upright bass sits atop of the alternately driving and dragging rhythms, fantastically recorded to capture every hint of vibration, string snap and finger pluck. The two tracks taken from the vinyl version of Noumena are a touch chillier, exploring dub rhythms and atmosphere with the aid of Jeff Jacobs’ lowering trumpet work. The crown jewel of the release has to be Four Tet’s remix of "Gardening, Not Architecture.” Kieren Hebden knows his way around acoustic instruments, upping the free jazz overdrive of the drum track while swirling the electronics and guitar like a blizzard-y treat. Eventually, high-pitched electronics sub in for the woodwinds and it all locks down into an over-caffeinated loop. This is high-energy fun. (Temporary Residence)