The Drift Get "Meditative" on New 'Blue Hour' LP

The Drift Get 'Meditative' on New 'Blue Hour' LP
Since the last time the Drift released an album -- 2008's Memory Drawings -- the San Francisco post-rockers sadly lost horn player Jeff Jacobs to cancer. The group opted not to replace him, instead going ahead as a trio, and on October 4 will release the album Blue Hour via Temporary Residence.

According to a press release, this disc is the outfit's "most meditative album since their Travels in Constants debut," as it "eases off the jazz and dub influences that had become a trademark of the Drift's sound, and instead focuses on hypnotic repetition and subtle, textural layering of guitars, keyboards, electric bass and drums."

This marks the group's first album without Jacobs, but "his spirit is undeniably present throughout the album."

Get a taste of the record's sound by downloading the track "Horizon" for free right here.

In the coming months, the Drift will be touring Europe with labelmates Explosions in the Sky. The currently no North American dates. See the schedule over at the Drift's official website.

Blue Hour:

1. "Dark Passage"
2. "Bardo"
3. "Horizon"
4. "The Skull Hand Smiles / May You Fare Well"
5. "Bardo II"
6. "Continuum"
7. "Luminous Friend"
8. "Hello from Everyone"
9. "Fountain"