The-Dream Talks Crushingly Personal Terius Nash Mixtape

The-Dream Talks Crushingly Personal Terius Nash Mixtape
Considering The-Dream's generally known for his lascivious, pro-cheating lyrics, he recently dropped the 1977 mixtape, released under his own name Terius Nash, shocking many with its lovelorn and sometimes desperate tone. Now the R&B singer has admitted that the freebie download is a bit more personal than his standard fare.

While 1977 deals with some heartbreaking content, including his split from wife and pop singer Christina Milian, with whom he has a one-year-old child, Nash used his tunes to get through the grief. That hasn't stopped friends from checking in on him post-release to see if he's okay, though.

"Everybody's like, 'Oh, okay. Now I get it,'" he told Billboard. "I was in a place a couple years ago -- it didn't look like it, but people would ask me questions about whatever and I'd say, 'Yeah, it's cool. Everything's great.' But that was also going into a different part of me, because I had never had to be publicly in the middle of a relationship going good or bad, having to answer questions about my relationships."

Synth-laden slow jam "Wedding Crasher" is one of the most affecting tunes, where the singer sets up a scenario where he drunkenly delivers a toast to the girl of his dreams at her wedding to another dude. Damn.

"You get to a place where you go and chase all of these stars -- literally and figuratively -- and, well, the moon's good enough. That's how it is. That's what the song is," he said of the Patron-guzzling tone of the tune.

In proper The-Dream news, still no word on the street date for his delayed The Love, IV (Diary of a Mad Man) album. While it was to drop September 20, he's still putting the finishing touches on the disc. He hopes to have it out by year's end.

  "I'm gonna try. Maybe I should put out another free album -- I'm sure that Def Jam would assassinate me!" he said. "I'll probably keep writing [for The Love, IV]. I've gotten a couple phone calls -- they wanted to take two records from this 1977 album and maybe shoot a couple videos for them and cap them onto the album. But it's pretty much done."