The Dream Is Dead Taking Friendly Fire

Another EP from this Indianapolis firestorm, Taking Friendly Fire, their first release for Escape Artist, is a five-song, barely 14-minute EP laden with the pummelling the Dream is becoming known for. Taking Friendly Fire is even more metal and reminiscent of Burn It Down’s metallic hardcore ferocity, but without the grandiose moments, than their Letter of Resignation EP, with the Dream featuring ex-BID member Jason McCash. There’s an air of oppressiveness and hostility that recalls mid-’90s metallic hardcore greats such as Deadguy ("The Day of the Winner”) and Turmoil ("The Relativist”), while "The Callahan Effect” showcases the Burn It Down influence the clearest, with the Dream spending more energy on songwriting, rather than all or nothing aggression, although there’s still plenty present. Laden with semi-political/personal rhetoric that complements the music, and spewing vitriol at every chance, Taking Friendly Fire reminds of the ferocity metallic hardcore had in the ’90s and are better for it. (Escape Artist)