The-Dream Drops 'Royalty: The Prequel' EP

The-Dream Drops 'Royalty: The Prequel' EP
R&B auteur The-Dream has been busy with his race-relations anthem "Black," recently treating the tune to a video. Turns out there's more music where that came from, as the artist is back with a brand new EP.

Royalty: The Prequel features seven new songs from The-Dream. He shared the album's artwork (available above) via his Instagram with the phrase "777."

The seven obsession doesn't end there, however — Royalty: The Prequel will arrive today (July 7, or 7/7) at 7 p.m. EDT.

It will be available to download via Contra Paris, which is a "design and culture label" that The-Dream recently launched with Tricky Lewis.

Peep the tracklisting for Royalty: The Prequel below, and come back later to grab the release.

UPDATE: You can now stream and/or download the release below.

Royalty: The Prequel:

1. Duet
2. Culture
3. Pimp C Lives
4. Outkast
5. Wedding Bells
6. Lake Michigan
7. Cold
8. Royalty