The-Dream "Black" (lyric video)

The-Dream 'Black' (lyric video)
There's been no shortage of controversy in the NBA this week after L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was recorded making racist comments. Today (April 29) he received a fine for $2.5 million and a lifetime ban from the NBA. The situation also inspired a new song from R&B mastermind The-Dream.

The song is a heartfelt R&B pop track that explores themes of racism and classism, built around the refrain "Y'all got me feelin' real black right now."

The lyric video that accompanies the music features plenty of footage from the civil rights movement, as well as some shots of the L.A. Clippers wearing their jerseys inside out as a protest.

The video closes out with the following statement:

Black isn't just a color. Black isn't just a race anymore. It's a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite. Classism is the new racism. This is what black feels like.

Watch the lyric video for "Black" below.