BY Bryon HayesPublished Jun 2, 2015

Alexander Moskos (formerly of AIDS Wolf, the Unireverse) hangs his hat over at the same campground where Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Neil Hagerty (Royal Trux) park their camper vans. The three have joined forces — together with Charles Ballas — as Dan'l Boone. It's not surprising, then, that Young and Hagerty are involved with Moskos' latest Drainolith LP.
Sure enough, Hysteria is peppered with shards of Royal Trux's mutant masterpiece Twin Infinitives and spattered with fluids from Young's Regression albums. Moskos here manipulates skeletal marionettes until they merge into near-songs, and then drowsily vocalizes over the ensuing maelstrom. This is chaos as beauty, epitomized by tracks like "Kix," in which melodies collide and fall apart while drums are scattered around the landscape, and "Joy Road," in which a guitar and an organ keep each other alive as Moskos growls himself to sleep. 
NNA Tapes has never disappointed, and with Hysteria — as with their last Drainolith outing, the truly wonky Where Are Ye, Col. Leslie Groves? cassette — their string of hits continues.
(NNA Tapes)

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