AIDS Wolf Guitarist Alexander Moskos Releases New 'Fighting' LP as Drainolith

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Apr 17, 2012

Canadian avant-garde musician Alexander Moskos served as the guitarist in now defunct noise punk outfit AIDS Wolf, but the break-up hasn't deterred him from releasing new material. As reported at the disbanding of AIDS Wolf, Moskos has continued to create music under his Drainolith moniker and now he has announced a new LP titled Fighting!

The record is slated to arrive on May 29 via Spectrum Spools and the new material has been described in a press release as "delusional blues -- littered with fractured synth, feedback and seriously cryptic personal content." The album was mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D+M in Berlin.

Though Moskos has been creating music as Drainolith for years now, prior releases were limited to cassette and CD-R formats, so Fighting! marks the experimental musician's first wide release.

According to the same press release, Moskos has maintained a fondness for chaotic sound, though "there is a defined and cohesive song structure to each track" designed to make "everything more confusing but also highly enjoyable to listen to."

Drainolith's Fighting! is available for pre-order over here and you can check out the tracklisting below.


1. She's IN Insurgency (Steve's Lunch Blues)
2. You Paid For It
3. Blam's Again
4. Blam's Again (version)
5. Southern Eye
6. Sevens/Cuttin' Squares

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