Drab Majesty Modern Mirror

Drab Majesty Modern Mirror
In a short span, Drab Majesty have become a cult phenomenon for music lovers across genres. Everyone seems to love the tragic pop beauty of the alien duo of Deb Demure and Mona D, and Modern Mirror is perhaps the best example yet as to why.
In the creative space that Drab Majesty occupy, ethereal dream pop entwines with the melancholic nature of post-punk and '80s goth, creating a stirring pot of simultaneous emotions. But never before have the band felt so complete and realized in causality of their sound than on Modern Mirror.
A noticeable progression from 2017's The Demonstration, Drab Majesty have never been so potent in their songwriting and playing abilities. Deb's guitar work is somehow even more layered and surreal than ever, while both Mona D's synths and voice take a much more prominent role, the latter taking centre stage on the heartbreaking, "Oxytocin."
While undoubtedly informed by '80s post punk and pop, never does Modern Mirror become a nostalgia trip or use the era as a crutch. Before "The Other Side" begins to sound too much like Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf," the duo shift seamlessly, dodging all pitfalls of tiresome tropes.
Instead, the music is both all and none of these genres, just as each track is neither joyous nor sorrowful. Something all its own. But if one thing is concrete, it's the undeniable power of Modern Mirror. (Dais Records)