Dr. Dre Unveils Super Duper Headphones

Dr. Dre Unveils Super Duper Headphones
As much as this is going to hurt, we have something to tell you: those headphones you got free with your iPod suck. Seriously, they do. Put on any half-decent, over $20 pair of ’phones and you’ll see what we mean. And while we don’t really care if you want to make music sound bad, Dr. Dre does. And because he does, he’s brought you Beats by Dre, "the most advanced headphones ever developed."

Dre has spent the last years working on these cans (perhaps explaining why Detox is taking forever), and they have finally hit the shops. The producer/MC worked with Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine and Monster Cable on these high-end, $350 headphones, attempting to replicate how music sounds in Dre’s studio by offering powerful amplification, extreme clarity, active noise cancelling and, above all, deep bass.

"They definitely get across what my music should sound like," said Dre of his Beats in a press release.

According to Monster’s Kevin Lee, the company went through around 150 prototypes before Dre and lovine were satisfied they had found the "Chronic Sound” (this is our term, not Dre’s, but we think he would approve). Eventually the team narrowed it down to one and were satisfied they found the best headphones around.

"This is different from making perfume and having some rock star put her name on it,” lovine said. "We're pretty finicky guys. Those headphones sound better than every pair made."

Dre added: "People in the studio took them home to listen to music they've been working on, and the sound was so different, they wanted to start over.”


So far Dre and company have wrangled in a stable of celebrity musicians to try out the Beats, including Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani and Mary J. Blige. And while it’s assumed all these guys and gals got a free pair in the mail, you can buy your own beats from the Beats by Dre website.