Download an Exclusive Remix of Moby's "One Time We Lived" in Exclaim!'s Click Hear

Download an Exclusive Remix of Moby's 'One Time We Lived' in Exclaim!'s Click Hear
Between blogging incessantly, releasing album after album on an annual basis, and nearly killing Tina Fey's baby, Moby's had a pretty wild couple of years.

This doesn't mean he's done, though. In fact, you can head over to our Click Hear section and hear a brand new remix of Moby's "One Time We Lived" (Kap Bambino Remix), which you can exclusively download today on and later this week on Moby's website.

This should sate the appetites of Moby fans who are eagerly awaiting the deluxe reissue of Wait for Me, which hits shelves November 24 via Mute/EMI. The three-disc set will include the original album, two bonus tracks and a DVD chock full of show highlights, videos and the like.

Moby's original single for "One Time We Lived" will be released December 8, but click here to hear the remixed version of the track right now.