DOOM and Bishop Nehru Detail 'NehruvianDOOM,' Premiere "Om"

DOOM and Bishop Nehru Detail 'NehruvianDOOM,' Premiere 'Om'
Earlier this week, Bishop Nehru tweeted out the fall release date for his and DOOM's upcoming NehruvianDOOM LP, and now the details behind the collaborative rap album have been delivered in full.

As previously reported, the record will arrive September 23 through Lex Projects/Noizy Cricket and a day earlier in the UK. The LP contains nine tag-team tracks, including previously teased single "Darkness (HBU)."

The album was conceptualized after the pair met in London in 2013, with DOOM later sending beats to the New York teen via email. Bars were then sent back as part of a back-and-forth process between the multi-generational partnership.

The latest reveal behind the set is "Om," which is slathered with a tense soul sample, meditative calls, and bars from both Bishop Nehru and metal-faced MC DOOM. You can check out the track down beneath the album info.

The cover art, meanwhile, has also been unveiled. Prepped by Ghostshrimp, the cartoonish scene finds Nehru observing a fantastic forest landscape, a multi-armed DOOM grabbing onto his gold chain and boombox, and a bunch of skinless, knife-wielding goons presumably taking a post-battle snooze. You can give it a closer look up above.


1. Intro
2. Om
3. Mean the Most
4. So Alone
5. Coming For You
6. Darkness (HBU)
7. Caskets
8. Great Things
9. Disastrous