Domo Genesis Genesis

Domo Genesis Genesis
Domo Genesis has always been a sidekick member in Odd Future. Outshined by the dominant voices of Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, the 25-year-old rapper never had his moment in the spotlight despite releasing a track before, or spitting a verse or two on his labelmates' songs. This Odd Future Records debut, Genesis, is Domo's entry into honing his voice as a rapper.
Throughout the 12-track LP a mood of resilience lingers: "I'm looking for my destiny/Take me on a blind date." The LP wouldn't be complete without sentiments of self-doubt, which Domo pounds away at on "Questions." On "Dapper," producer Anderson .Paak almost steals Domo's shine over a funky beat with an infectious chorus and hook, while Domo flows in and out with ease and flair at the appropriate peaks. Even his mother chimes in on Domo's genius — on "One Below," a woman narrates a premonition of her son reaching fame, and then he promises it.
Domo's vocals often float over a combination of jazz-influenced rhythms, piano chords, and funky percussion produced by Christian Rich, Sha Money XL, Sap and Cam O-biby. At times, though, Domo falls easily into the smoky rapper's laidback persona, rapping about bud and leaving verses unfinished like "All Night," which ends with mumbled croons and an "alright."
"Wanderer" is the narrative's staple, and the LP's overall vibe, that features Domo confessing he's not sure where he's headed and the track couldn't be more apparent of it; "Wanderer" sounds like it couldn't decide if it's supposed to be an interlude or a song with verses of substance. Domo is lost and trying to find his space in a game amongst heavy hitters like Kendrick Lamar, who's nailed the jazz-hip-hop fusion, or his friends Tyler or Earl, who have have polished their voices to standout from Odd Future. Domo's Genesis is a step in the right direction, but he's walking to his destination, and not anywhere near where he needs to be just yet. (Odd Future)