The Domestics The Rock House, St. John's NL, April 24

The Domestics The Rock House, St. John's NL, April 24
Photo: Vish Khanna
New parents have to pick their spots. Ian Cornelissen and Sandy May spoke of being distracted by babysitter texts as they tried to concentrate on their set, and this bit of whimsy seemed appropriate, given their hopeful but edgy folk-rock songs.
There's a ton of Lucinda Williams running through their overall aesthetic but they also have the moody, cinematic tone of Cowboy Junkies too. Like those two influences, the Domestics are enigmatic and their sunnier progressions seem deceptive. Maybe they have that Springsteen thing where bleak despair is laced with unlikely hope — something to keep your head up even while your eyes are glued to the floor.
The bass and drums are so inventive and propulsive that the forlorn vocals and vibrato guitars pop up into the air more and their emotive power is clear and true. The Domestics seem centred and ready for whatever's next. A three and-a-half-month old has this way of sharpening that instinct in you.