Doja Cat Goes Full FTP in New "Bottom Bitch" Video

It's a dick-painting, milkshake-throwing, egging good time

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 3, 2019

Doja Cat has never been one to stray from problematic themes in her public persona. In her new video for "Bottom Bitch," she delves deep into some distinctly anti-establishment sentiments — but in the best way possible.

The track is the first to arrive from her upcoming sophomore album Hot Pink, which is due this November via RCA.

The video itself is full of teenage hijinks: skateboarding, egging, vandalism and messing with cops. Keeping in theme with the track's Blink-182 "What's My Age Again" sample, Cat and her pals' new video reads like a girl-power version of a early-aughts pop-punk music video — and you'll wish you were there to party along with them.

On her upcoming album, Doja Cat invokes that very desire.

"I named the album Hot Pink because I wanted people to feel that before they got into the music that it felt passionate, warm and welcoming," she said in a statement. "I think that the colour hot pink describes those things the most. It's my favourite colour and has been for my whole life so for my second project where I've found myself and I'm more refined, I felt that this title was the best choice."

Hot Pink will mark the first full-length recording from Doja since 2018's Amala.

Watch the video for "Bottom Bitch" below, and make sure to watch for the internet's favourite fashion icon/rage-aholic Rico Nasty at the end.

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