Dodheimsgard Supervillan Outcast

In the eight years since 666 International, DHG’s members have been spending their time with a variety of other projects while the faithful wondered if this accomplishment was the final instalment from one of black metal’s most promising and unconventional acts. Combining a variety of approaches into a novel whole, their dissident style and marked difference make it hard to put your finger on exactly where the vague reminiscences of influence originate. This progressive modus operandi barely clings to the edges of black metal and offers many electronic quirks amidst an industrial framework that retains the structure of each song, taking care to avoid loosely tied parts. The aforementioned synth moments accent the riffs perfectly and don’t unnecessarily distract from the core of the song, giving the record character as well as originality. Eclectic and intelligent beats support this foundation, raging from slowed, groove-laden pounding to looped beats oriented towards familiar black metal blasts. Like every other element, the drumming stands out as yet another component adding to their depth and imagination. Considering its eccentricity, DHG’s progressive project will undoubtedly be one of the year’s more memorable releases. (Moonfog)