DJ Shub Phillips Backyard Weekender, Victoria BC, July 20

DJ Shub Phillips Backyard Weekender, Victoria BC, July 20
Photo: Lindsey Blane
Mohawk DJ, proud member of the Six Nations of the Grand River, and godfather of powwowstep, Dan General arguably turned the most heads as a member of A Tribe Called Red, but his personal resume is just as impressive.
As DJ Shub, he's won a couple DMC championships and took the title as the top Red Bull Thre3style party-rocker in Canada in 2012, so he undeniably has the freshest of skills. He should have been on at 1a.m. at a forest rave, but even at 6 p.m. in a brewery parking lot, he got the core of the audience swaying in time.
Granted, his mixing was a little all over the place, but he kept the groove moving ever forward through myriad styles within the evolving powwowstep canon, and glazed it all over with healthy doses of his breakneck scratching.
Drum & bass and acid house influences, among others, will apparently be all over his next album, which he claimed should be out later this year, from which much if not all of this set was pulled. To be honest, I wasn't much into his first solo effort, the 2016 EP simply titled PowWowStep, but this set has me highly anticipating his next release.