DJ Serious feat D-Sisive & Unknown Misery "Popped"/"Trap Doors"

The second release from DJ Serious's Makin' Beats series features two very different yet engaging offerings showing the versatility of the Toronto producer. Leadoff track "Popped," by D-Sisive, has already drawn inevitable comparisons to the Slim Shady one because of its gleeful pop-star bashing, but to be fair the single was circulating amongst taste-makers well before Eminem's latest hit the racks. Recounting a "dream" where he meets various pop personalities D-Sisive, in a calm nonplussed manner, proceeds to act out malicious fantasies on Ricky Martin, members of the Spice Girls and even the Moffats in alternately crude and amusing scenarios. The thumping eerie backdrop of Unknown Mizery's "Trap Door" is a stark companion to the laid-back jazz grooves of "Popped." In casting the frenetic abstract flow of "Trap Door" against a track with narrative and melodic appeal, DJ Serious shrewdly caters to two hip-hop states of mind. (Headless Heroes)