DJ Bone A Piece of Beyond

DJ Bone A Piece of Beyond
DJ Bone's skills have earned him an international reputation for delivering intense, creative techno sets. He's also known for marching to the beat of his own drum machine. Resident Advisor called him the "champion of the underground."
This new triple EP will do his rep nothing but good. Eric Dulan has delivered us a dozen rich, banging new singles on A Piece Of Beyond, his third long-player, here a triple-vinyl set. "It Begins" opens side A with an unforgettably crunchy synth line; the beats are just as gritty. It may lack subtlety, but DJ Bone's music is nothing if not moving. "Dreamers 9" is a bit more polished. Not uninteresting though, as Dulan adds a complex synth line that Steve Reich would be proud of. Then comes "The Stalker," a dance-round-the-firepit tribal anthem.
"The Chase" is perfectly titled — one of the things Dulan is known for is hyped-up in-your-face beats and he puts on a seminar with this one. Every time you think the track has reached top gear, he adds more. And on a completely different tip, the digital download wraps with "R.I.P. feat. Aaron-Carl." Carl passed in January after a cancer diagnosis. It's a sweet vocal-house close to an otherwise relentless techno album.
Dulan fans have come to expect variety from this heavyweight of indie techno. He delivers on vinyl just as well as he does on the dance floor. (Subject Detroit)