Division of Laura Lee Das Not Compute

Two years ago Ikara Colt’s Dominic Young noted that "rock’s lost its roll,” hinting, perhaps, that too few bands challenge their listeners to dance. It would seem that Young’s ex-label-mates, Division of Laura Lee, took this personally, releasing two albums (2002's Black City and now Das Not Compute) packed with inexorable rhythm and mass quantities of distorted, not-quite-punk rock. While tracks from Das Not Compute may not grace club speakers, they will, at the very least, have you gambolling ’round your bedroom. With equal parts of the Kinks and Wire, DOLL implores you to move on "All Street End” and "Dirty Love,” the latter taunting listeners with the line, "I hate to see you blocking all the exits” in what should prove to be one of the year’s most addictive choruses. However, the band is Swedish, and all of its lyrics indicate, with inarguable clarity, that English is not their first language. But with tunes so startlingly invigorating, you probably won’t care. (Epitaph)