The Dismemberment Plan "Waiting"

The Dismemberment Plan 'Waiting'
In case you didn't call DC pop screwballs the Dismemberment Plan single-premiering telephone hotline yesterday (July 15), the band are now streaming their "Waiting" online.

While it starts off with a rousing, Sousa-styled (if not Sousa proper) marching band beat, the song quickly veers off into the D-Plan's day-festival funkiness, with vocalist Travis Morrison half-rapping cornball, welcome-back-themed lines ("Well look who it is / Been a little while since you've been up in my biz") like a long-lost Barenaked Lady.

There's all sorts of screwiness embedded within the structure of the song, from glitchy drum pad and marimba hits to a Hawaiian Punch-drunk slide guitar, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

As previously reported, the Dismemberment Plan's Uncanney Valley hits retailers October 15 through Partisan.