Diskreet Infernal Rise

Though there’s nothing particularly awful or wrong with this record, Diskreet manage to sound like they’re trying much too hard. They’re kind of like the confused preteen metal wannabe wearing corpse paint, a Mastodon T-shirt, billowing raver pants and a plastic wallet chain all while sporting a faux bi-hawk. This lack of genuine direction essentially undermines the entire project. Though they make a valiant effort when it comes to creating something unique, their combination of the most generic elements of many different genres ends up sounding insincere. They maintain a sense of continuity in their songwriting, though this mixer approach often leads to discombobulated pieces connected by shaky bridges. The "core” element shows up with breakdowns that are common enough to bore and often much too long. When joined by squeals, these moments seal the deal for their extensive mall advertising campaign. Simply put, Infernal Rise is nothing special. Candlelight does black metal much better. (Candlelight)