The Dirty Nil "Fuckin' Up Young" / "Verona Lung"

The Dirty Nil 'Fuckin' Up Young' / 'Verona Lung'
Hamilton, ON trio the Dirty Nil have been toiling away for a few years now, netting themselves a Hamilton Music Award for Best New Band in 2008 and releasing the Saccharine Visceral EP on Southern Ontario label Wolfshirt Records back in 2009. Now the group are looking to get their music heard on a wider scale, something their recently released seven-inch should do handily.

A-side "Fuckin' Up Young" is the best slab of Blue Album-era Weezer we've heard in years. But where Rivers comes across as the victim, Dirty Nil guitarist/frontman Luke Bentham plays the pissed-off kid who ain't taking no more shit. Of course, it all comes to a head in the massive chorus that takes the message of the Specials' "Too Much Too Young" and amps it up to 11.

Stream "Fuckin' Up Young," as well as B-side "Verona Lung," by the Dirty Nil below, or buy it here.