Director John Landis Not Thrilled with Michael Jackson

Director John Landis Not Thrilled with Michael Jackson
If Michael Jackson didn't already have enough legal problems, the King of Pop is being sued by the director of his legendary "Thriller" video, John Landis.

The filmmaker is claiming he hasn't been paid his share of the royalties from the video for the past four years, forcing him to file a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, The Wrap reports.

Landis's suit claims that he and Jackson agreed in 1983 that the director would get 50 percent of the net profits from the video and its making-of documentary, along with annual financial statements on its revenues. However, he says Jackson has been in breach of contract since 2005 and that the filmmaker has not received his cut of the profits, with the complaint accusing Jackson and his associates of "fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct."

Strangely enough, the details of the lawsuit come just days after it emerged that Jackson would be sending "Thriller" to Broadway. At this point it is unclear whether this case will have any impact on the upcoming stage production.

If you're up for reading multiple pages of legal jargon, you can check out the original complaint here.

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