Dimmu Borgir "Dimmu Borgir" (video)

Dimmu Borgir 'Dimmu Borgir' (video)
Unfortunately the memories of Dimmu Borgir's recent North American tour are already starting to fade. Thankfully, the black metal brigade has prepared a new video to remind us what they're all about.

Though it took the Norwegian headbangers nine albums to do so, the group have finally crafted their own theme song. "Dimmu Borgir" packages chugging metal riffs with symphonic keyboard swells and eerily uplifting church chimes, playing like the battle hymn for a Viking invasion.

Clips of ravenous wolves mingle with footage of the troupe, draped in animal pelts, stomping about sinisterly. Oddly, singer Shagrath delivers his shrieked and grunted sermon from behind a small desk littered with microphones and what looks to be poor Yorick's skull. Or maybe we can chalk up the boneface to Dimmu's face-melting metal riffs?