Dillinger Escape Plan and Disturbed Continue Fightin'

Dillinger Escape Plan and Disturbed Continue Fightin'
The escalating feud between UFCxCore bodybuilders Dillinger Escape Plan and DivorcexCore uncles Disturbed has been a back-and-forth tickle fight that may finally be coming to an end, thanks to a possible olive branch offered by Disturbed singer David Draiman.

To recap for newcomers, in an interview with Australia's Beat Magazine, Dillinger guitarist Ben Weinman remarked his experience of observing a Disturbed soundcheck, in which "[They were] practicing where they were going to walk and when they were going to put their leg up on the monitor and pose."

Quickly touted by every music blog in the world as the premiere of Celebrity Deathmatch: MySpace Blog Edition, Disturbed guitarist Don Donegan went straight to MTV and protested the merit of his dance steps, citing Dillinger's lack of record sales as the cause for their pretensions.

"If [Dillinger] sold some records, and were at the level we're at, maybe they'd see that, for bands like Kiss and Metallica, there are certain highlight points during a set that you want to focus on," Donegan said. "If I'm going to go over to one spot and do a guitar solo, my lighting guy may need to know that, so he can focus in on that. If that's posing, then so be it."

However, despite the arena rocker's defensive response, he didn't care one bit. "If that's supposed to be a jab at us, am I offended? I don't give a shit. If they're saying it because they're haters, why? Because we sell millions of records and lots of tickets? It sounds more like jealousy to me."

On Monday, Weinman made a brief intercession for the dispute in a MySpace blog, despite being apparently faced with the affliction of having too much cred to know the name of the band he was calling out.

"The guitar player Dom Deluise or whatever his name is with the little peen complex from that band Disturbia or whatever they're called thinks that we care about them," he wrote. "Old news, but still funny. Check it. 'My Ferrari is better than your Honda!!! Our stages come apart and travel with us and yours don't!!! We have thirty guitar techs and you have one!' Coooool self esteem barometer douchebag. Wait...what's that I hear? The sound of your band still sucking? Oh, right. Gotcha there, bud."

Fortunately, Disturbed singer David Draiman finally stepped in that very night to smooth things over, sharing words with Rockline Radio to reveal his respect for Dillinger Escape Plan's punk rock roots - which he also shares.

"It's called production — it's what any big professional band that isn't just punk rock… Not to say that there is anything wrong with punk rock, because I have my roots in it, but you can't compare the two styles of a show. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN are more punk and I respect them for what they do — I'm not even calling them out on any level, in any way shape or form. I like the style of what they do."

But just when you thought the two high pressure artists could retire their long-distance argument, Draiman adds a piece of experienced wisdom: "I don't understand what the hell they think they saw with us, but gentlemen, let me give you a little bit of education: This is what the big boys do who play stadium shows — they wanna worry about how the lights look that they spend so much money on."

There you have it: Dillinger Escape Plan don't care about anything and Disturbed spend a LOT of money on concerts which they make by selling a LOT of albums. The internet is a source of so much information.

You can catch Dillinger flex their muscles and unleash their blistering tech-core in July when they play Wakestock on Toronto Island on the 25th and Calgary's McMahon Stadium as part of Ozzfest the next day.