Did Gorillaz Just Announce a New Project Called 'The Now Now'?

A video teaser includes the date June 29

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 26, 2018

Gorillaz previously suggested that they would release a new music this year, and now it looks like that's about to come true. Some Reddit sleuths have uncovered a website indicating that a project titled The Now Now will be out June 29.

The first clue was a series of posters at London's All Points East festival, featuring cryptic slogans and the url thenownow.tv. One of the posters reads "NO MORE UNICORNS ANYMORE," which is a recent Gorillaz slogan posted by Jamie Hewlett on Instagram.

If you head to thenownow.tv and watch the video clip, there's a brief image of cartoon Gorillaz member 2-D sitting with a guitar. There's no band name mentioned anywhere, however.

The clip itself has a retro '70s look, which fits with the disco-inspired backing music. The title The Now Now appears prominently, as does the date June 29. It's a promising glimpse into what's coming up.

At this point, it's unknown if The Now Now is an album, a new single, or something else entirely. In any case, we're going to be finding out sooner rather than later. Check out the clip here.

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