DGS Samurai Champs 'Crayons' (EP stream)

DGS Samurai Champs 'Crayons' (EP stream)
Hailing from Regina, hip-hop duo DGS Samurai Champs finds rapper Jeah and R&B singer Merv xx Gotti teaming up to deliver fresh tunes that toe the line between each member's respective genre. They're ready to release their debut EP Crayons, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first spin of the record.

Across five new songs, the two-piece takes their sound in a smoother, more melodic direction than their heavier early material. There's still a darkness that creeps in, though, bridging Gotti's brooding, anxious vocals with Jeah's hard-hitting rap verses atop infectious electro-tinged beats.
The beats come courtesy of producers MKSB, PDUB and Mentz, while the EP was recorded and mixed by Miguel Day at Blue Door Recording in Saskatchewan's capital.
"Crayons is an analogy for makeup. But, makeup is just one of the ways a female chooses to present and express herself," Jeah said in a statement, explaining the meaning behind the new music. "The concept for Crayons was to represent a female's 'colour palette', or her skin tone, hair colour, style, background, ethnicity — whatever makes her unique. Essentially, the [title track], as well as the EP as a whole, celebrates the diversity of the modern female and the ways she chooses to express herself as an individual."
You can hear that emotional expression get transformed into a smooth, sultry five-song offering below. Crayons is officially released on October 4.