Devin Townsend Project

"Secret Sciences"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 19, 2016

Virtuosic Canadian metal wiz Devin Townsend has offered up another taste of his Devin Townsend Project's forthcoming Transcendence release, seeking inner peace with crunchy guitar tones on "Secret Sciences."

While the distortion is cranked on the track, allowing for the odd pinch-squeal harmonic, and the double kick drum work hits big, "Secret Sciences" manages to convey a sense of calm as well. Townsend's cries are not chaotic, but rather zen in the face of tough times.

"In these times of weakness, I am found," he explains.

There's some flashy jazz-prog fusion in the piece, from off-kilter six-string solos to whimsically whipped hi-hats, and then a closing section of ambient drones.

You can shatter your senses with Townsend's "Secret Sciences," while the rest of Transcendence arrives September 2 through InsideOut Music.

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