Devils Whorehouse Revelation Unorthodox

Fast, loud and heavy, Revelation Unorthodox introduces Devils Whorehouse to the world in full-length form. With a Glenn Danzig-like vocalist and morbid songs that, like their name, bring together sex and B-movie horror, Devils Whorehouse are a little Misfits, a little Entombed and a lot of death-obsessed fun. Revelation Unorthodox’s 13 tracks practically fly by; mostly brief songs with to-the-point lyrics supporting titles like "Howling,” "Pentagram Murderer,” "Erotikill,” "Blood Nymphoman,” or the Christian Death cover "Deathwish.” It’s thrash-y here, groovy there, not especially original anywhere, but Devils Whorehouse’s rock’n’horror is pretty damn hard to resist. (Regain)