Destroyer's Ideas for Songs Gets Vinyl Reissue

Destroyer's <i>Ideas for Songs</i> Gets Vinyl Reissue
Okay, before we begin, let's get one thing out of the way: the naked dude in the album cover you can see above isn't Destroyer mastermind Dan Bejar. It's a painting by artist Sylvia Sleigh called Imperial Nude: Paul Rosano, and it was made in 1977. But it does look a hell of a lot like the Vancouver songwriter, and it serves as the album cover for his newly reissued collection Ideas for Songs.

The release was originally issued on tape in 1997 by Granted Passage Cassettes. Despite containing 16 tracks, it's not counted as one of Destroyer's nine official LPs (the most recent being this year's Kaputt).

Granted Passage has since been rechristened Triple Crown Audio Recordings of Canada, and the label is now giving the collection a vinyl release. It's due out on April 5, although if you've caught Destroyer on tour, you already know that it's being sold at the merch table. For Vancouver-based folks, we can also confirm that we've seen it at Zulu Records.

According to the press release, the label "asked Vancouver-based singer songwriter Dan Bejar for a contribution to a various artist compilation under his Destroyer moniker. Bejar responded with over 20 tracks for consideration, which eventually became a 16-track private press Destroyer cassette titled Ideas for Songs."

Ideas for Songs:

1. "A Month in the Country"
2. "Song About Disappointment"
3. "Spring Cleaning"
4. "No One Needs to Know"
5. "Death to the Northern Man"
6. "Child of Styx"
7. "Marrying the Hammer"
8. "Nothing Against You (Bored Spectre)"
9. "Song About a Girl Up to a Point"
10. "The Terror Serves a Purpose"
11. "Leaving London"
12. "Untitled"
13. "Forget America"
14. "Stuffed and Sick"
15. "The Leg We Stand On"
16. "Why Banacek Doesn't Love"