Destroyer's Dan Bejar Gets His Own Online Impersonator

Destroyer's Dan Bejar Gets His Own Online Impersonator
Like something stripped out of a yet-to-be-written Charlie Kaufman movie, a Brooklyn, NY-based visual artist named Daniel Bejar has taken it upon himself to start recreating press photos of Destroyer frontman and New Pornographer Dan Bejar on a new site called The Googlegänger.

On the website, the BK artist explains the origin of the project with the following statement:

One day, I began receiving fan email expressing admiration for my music. Being no musician, it quickly became apparent I had intercepted fan email intended for another Daniel Bejar. Googling my name I discovered there was indeed another Daniel Bejar, who happened to be a rock star of the band Destroyer. A Google Image Search revealed we also shared a similar likeness. "Daniel Bejar/Destroyer (The Googlegänger)" is a web based search engine intervention where I re-stage images of my Googlegänger culled from Google's Image Search Engine. These re-staged images are uploaded back onto the internet, where the re-staged images coexist alongside the original images.

The images, which can be viewed here, demonstrate the artist's close, but slightly off, resemblance to the musician. Best of all, the Google image search aspect of the project is starting to work, as images of Daniel Bejar pop up as early as page two on the search. Now, we giddily await the day that a lazy blog uses the wrong Bejar for their Destroyer posts.

Thanks to the Pitchfork Tumblr for the heads up.