Destroyer to Release Kaputt in January

Destroyer to Release <i>Kaputt</i> in January
We already knew that Destroyer would be releasing a new twelve-inch in November, but now we're getting even more good news from Dan Bejar and co. Come January 25, the Vancouver band will release the new studio album Kaputt via Merge Records.

This will be the ninth official LP from Destroyer, and the first since 2008's Trouble in Dreams. The album was announced with the following, very jumbled press release:

"Kaputt by Malaparte, which Bejar has never read... Kara Walker, specifically the lyrics she contributed to the song 'Suicide Demo for Kara Walker'... Chinatown, the neighborhood bordering on Bejar's... Baby blue eyes... 80s Miles Davis... 90s Gil Evans... Last Tango in Paris... Nic Bragg, who played lead guitar on every song, again... Fretless bass... The hopelessness of the future of music... The pointlessness of writing songs for today... V-Drums... The superiority of poetry and plays... And what's to become of film?...The Cocaine Addict... American Communism... Downtown, the neighborhood bordering on Bejar's... The LinnDrum... Avalon and, more specifically, Boys and Girls... The devastated mind of JC/DC, who recorded, produced and mixed this record from fall of 2008 to spring of 2010... The back-up vocals of certain Roy Ayers and Long John Baldry tours... Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence..."

Perhaps the key nugget of information from this rambling paragraph is that the album was recorded with producers John Collins and Dave Carswell, who have produced the majority of Destroyer's studio output. It also name-drops a number of guest appearances and cites Brian Ferry/Roxy Music as a major influence on this album.

It's worth noting that the album closes with a version of the 2009 ambient disco track "Bay of Pigs." The new take is called "Bay of Pigs (Detail)," and is presumably an abridged version of the 13-minute-plus original.

The tracklist is below and the cover is above. Vancouverites will likely recognize the photo as the top of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads-up.


1. "Chinatown"

2. "Blue Eyes"

3. "Savage Night at the Opera"

4. "Suicide Demo for Kara Walker"

5. "Poor in Love"

6. "Kaputt"

7. "Downtown"

8. "Song for America"

9. "Bay of Pigs (Detail)"