Descendents "Shameless Halo" (video)

Descendents 'Shameless Halo' (video)
Continuing to plug the highly caffeinated sounds of comeback LP Hypercaffium Spazzinate, punk greats Descendents have unveiled a concert-style video for the record's deceptively sweet "Shameless Halo."

Like the earlier promo clip for "Victim of Me," the simply stated black and white video throws together shots of the band blasting out a catchy pop-punk tune.

Milo Aukerman tenses up his neck muscles as he spouts off on someone else's Bible-inspired silencing of anyone around her. "You judge other peoples choices / You'd silence different voices," he sings as he points out the person's own poisoned point of view.

You can peep the video below.

Descendents have a number of global tour dates on the horizon, though none take place in Canada. You'll find the band's show schedule here.