Deradoorian Mind Raft

Dirty Projectors belongs to David Longstreth and his eclectic flights of fancy. Thus, it's unsurprising that band-mate Angel Deradoorian's debut EP bares little resemblance to her Projectors day job (despite Longstreth's executive producer credit). Lyrically, little happens. More interested in using her voice as an instrument than saying, well, anything, Deradoorian has an impressive range, especially in proclivities. On slow-burner "You Carry the Deed," she throws on a torch singer guise, while "Weed Jam" transposes Gregorian-style non-lyrics over an after-hours jazz beat. Initially, the ominous melody of "High Road" evokes At the Drive-In's "Napoleon Solo." Eventually it becomes a trip-hop-indebted riser and the EP's highlight. Closer "Moon" is less successful, spinning its wheels against monotonous strumming and drumbeats. While Deradoorian's voice remains assured and stirring throughout the incantation, it's not quite enough to save the track. Regardless, Mind Raft is an auspicious, if incomplete, introduction. (Lovepump United)