Deradoorian and Kate NV Punch Their 'Ticket to Fame' as Decisive Pink

Hear "Destiny" ahead of the duo's debut album arriving in June

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 28, 2023

After announcing their partnership late last year, Angel Deradoorian and Kate NV have detailed their debut as Decisive Pink. The ex-Dirty Projectors player and Russian pop experimentalist will deliver Ticket to Fame on June 9 via Fire Records.

Written while living in Cologne, Germany, Ticket to Fame is said to be an album "designed for escape and enchantment." Though Decisive Pink have only just unveiled their debut LP, the duo arrangement goes back to at least 2018.

The 11-song release is now previewed by "Destiny," which follows previously shared single "Haffmilch Holiday." "Destiny" centres on "the nature of belief," and in its Sasha Kulak-directed video, Decisive Pink lean into their lyrical question-and-answer format as a seer and enquirer at a tarot reading

In 2020, Deradoorian released sophomore solo LP Find the Sun. This Friday (March 3), Kate NV will share new album WOW.

Pre-order Ticket to Fame.

Ticket to Fame

1. Haffmilch Holiday
2. What Where
3. Ode to Boy
4. Destiny
5. Potato Tomato
6. Voice Message
7. Cosmic Dancer
8. Rodeo
9. Interludé
10. Dopamine
11. Dusk

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