Deradoorian Eternal Recurrence

Deradoorian  Eternal Recurrence
Angel Deradoorian's third post-Dirty Projectors release pulls back on the rhythmic side of her intercontinental folkloric psychedelia in favour of something more meditative, untethered and texturally focused.
Embracing contemplative drone to start, Eternal Recurrence builds drifting nests of warm synth patches for the talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist to flit around and paint with delicate melodies and harmonies. After those beautiful, abstract ambient introductions, "Love Arise" and "Return-Transcend," the robust EP dips into a short instrumental palate cleanser of Tibetan bowls before coalescing into a trio of minimalist baroque ballads for the second half of the mini-album's nearly half-hour runtime.
These sparse pieces beautifully combine elements of modern ambient production with flute, piano and chilly synths that feel anachronistically medieval in aspects of their harmonic construction. The effect is fascinating, and provides an evocative backdrop for Deradoorian's self-reflective poetic philosophical musings, though "Mirrorman" ends the EP on a note much less soothing and re-listenable than it starts. (Anticon)