Demonstration Existence

North Carolina made its mark before the millennium began, as many of today’s cutting edge metalcore acts have come from somewhere within the state lines. Despite being saturated with boring moshcore breakdowns, tiresome chugs followed by harmonised European melodies and tough-guy vocals, there’s something oddly intriguing about the Demonstration. They steadfastly adhere to metalcore’s most traditional elements, most riffs tending towards a couple judds followed by a quirky euro tag, but they’re unabashed when it comes to quick spurts of metallic growth or moments of quiet contemplation. Many parts fall into Between the Buried and Me territory, namely the random solos and ventures in tech monkeying. The metalcore elements are more along the lines of Prayer for Cleansing while the chugs saunter off into generic territory with a few grind moments that lend themselves to a heavier take on what they’re vying towards. They throw in enough randomness to make it worth checking out but probably could not be differentiated from the rest of the American Euro metal worshippers attempting to bridge the ocean. (Tribunal)