Del the Funky Homosapien Gives Fans His Own Stimulus Package

Del the Funky Homosapien Gives Fans His Own <i>Stimulus Package</i>
If you can't afford to buy music, or are struggling with a case of downloader's guilt, legendary Bay area rapper Del the Funky Homosapien has just released his latest solo album for free. The album, titled Funk Man (The Stimulus Package), is now available for download here. And yes, you read that right, this is a free legal download.

So how did Del manage to give it away in a time when everyone else is fighting to save? He managed to score sponsorship deals with companies like Skull Candy, Arnette, Osiris Shoes and to make sure the album could get through to his fans.

Funk Man tracklisting:

1. "Get it Right Now!"
2. "And They Thought That was Hell"
3. "Fit Like a Glove"
4. "Go Against the Grain"
5. "Hardcore Punks Can't Take It"
6. "I'm Smellin' Myself"
7. "King of Fighters"
8. "News Alert"
9. "Simple Satisfaction"
10. "Sometimes I Gotta Get Stupid"
11. "Straight From the Big Bad West Coast"
12. "Land of Funk"
13. "Young Adrenaline"