Defektors Anza Club, Vancouver BC, June 8

Defektors Anza Club, Vancouver BC, June 8
Photo: Steve Louie
The take-no-prisoners proto-punk sound of Vancouver's Defektors seemed to indicate mythical Sex Bob-Omb ambitions, but their half-hour set this evening showed barroom talent, at best. In other words, they sound like Death, but play like death. The bass lines of Jeremiah Hayward were rudimentary, the fretwork of Ben Phillips was occasionally sloppy and neither of their vocals carried much of a tune, while Evan Brewer struggled to keep up on the drums, fumbling through most fills. Most of their songs had awkward lyric phrasings, and they had to abort several songs. Granted, the trio pushed for brisk tempos, but it seemed telling that a band that played this loud and fast elicited no moshing, a state from which even a hung over festival Sunday crowd in Vancouver is always only ever three chords away.

The highlight of their set came near the end, when festival director Dustin Bromley strolled onstage wearing a bunch of Music Waste t-shirts, stripped them off one by one, and threw them into the crowd. There was a poignancy in seeing Bromley onstage as the festival wound down, as the unsung hero of the local DIY scene is moving to Quebec later this year, in what will be a terrible loss for No Fun City and a tremendous gain for Montreal.

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