Defektors The Bottom of the City

On their first two singles, Vancouver, BC trio Defektors hinted at something much bigger, with their ability to create timeless post-punk dirges suited to the creeping paranoia of life in the present day. It was that promise that Franz Ferdinand clearly saw, as they personally asked for the band to open their Vancouver show recently. On Defektors' debut full-length, The Bottom of the City, they make good on that potential with a well-written album rather than a string of singles. From opener "Shadow of Fear" to drawn-out closing jam "Burning Light," Defektors marry jittery post-punk with elements of the current garage revival. The result is an album's worth of clever, original songwriting and gritty, guitar-driven rock'n'roll. Addictive and unique, this is a record that will withstand shifting tastes and remain on turntables when the garage trend has died down. (Nominal)