Deerhunter Unveil Trailer for New Concert Film

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 22, 2010

We all know that atmospheric rockers Deerhunter are a stellar live band (just see our live review from back in 2008). Until now though, those looking to recreate the live experience at home have had to rely on poor-quality YouTube clips, but no longer: Deerhunter have just released the trailer to an upcoming concert documentary.

The details provided in the trailer are vague, but it does confirm that the film will be out in 2010 and it's being directed by John Albrecht. According to Albrecht's Vimeo account, the project is still untitled. There's no word on if it will screened in theatres or issued on DVD.

While the specifics are still unclear, it's beautifully shot and, judging by this minute-long sample, perfectly captures the beauty and chaos of a Deerhunter show. See it embedded at the bottom of the page.

Albrecht has previously directed two music videos for Holy Fuck; for a taste of his style check out this live performance clip for "Super Inuit." He previously used Deerhunter track "Disappearing Ink" for his 2009 director/editor reel.

In other Deerhunter news, the band's new single, "Revival," leaked onto the Internet yesterday (July 21). The band originally released it only to members of their street team, but Pitchfork got hold of the password and now everyone has access to the locked website. The B-side, "Primitive 3D," as well as some album leftovers, also leaked.

The single comes from the upcoming Halcyon Digest, due out September 28 via 4AD. The tracklist is below.

Thanks to One Thirty BPM for the heads-up.

Halcyon Digest:

1. "Earthquake"

2. "Don't Cry"

3. "Revival"

4. "Sailing"

5. "Memory Boy"

6. "Desire Lines"

7. "Basement Scene"

8. "Helicopter"

9. "Fountain Stairs"

10. "Coronado"

11. "He Would Have Laughed"

deerhunter live - film trailer from John Albrecht on Vimeo.

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