Deerhunter Release Weird Era Cont. As Bonus Disc, Change Microcastle Cover Again

Deerhunter Release <i>Weird Era Cont.</i> As Bonus Disc, Change <i>Microcastle</i> Cover Again
As previously suspected, and now confirmed, Deerhunter will be packaging their upcoming Microcastle with the bonus album Weird Era Cont.. The band’s upcoming full-length will now come as a double-disc set containing both records, according to a report by Pitchfork, and the vinyl version of Microcastle will also include a CD version of Weird Era Cont.

Like Microcastle, which is out now digitally and due physically in North America on October 28 via Kranky, you may already be familiar with Weird Era Cont.. As previously reported, it was one of the releases that leaked in Bradford Cox’s great Mediafire break-in of August 2008. And if you have heard the record, you will know this isn’t just some crappy disc of throwaway tracks and studio outtakes from Microcastle but rather a full-on proper record that more than holds its own.

In other Microcastle news, the band have switched the album art for the last time, according to Pitchfork, and the above image will indeed be the cover art, both on the Kranky release and the one on 4AD, which is handling the record in Europe.

If you don’t know the tracklisting already, here is what’s on Weird Era Cont.:

1. "Backspace Century”
2. "Operation”
3. "Ghost Outfit”
4. "Dot Gain”
5. "Vox Celeste”
6. "Cicadas”
7. "Vox Humana”
8. "VHS Dream”
9. "Focus Group”
10. "Slow Swords”
11. "Weird Era”
12. "Moon With Cartridge”
13. "Calvary Scars II / Aux.”