Deerhoof Share 43-Song Covers Album 'Love-Lore'

The band take on Kraftwerk, the B-52s, Sun Ra, the Velvet Underground and more

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 28, 2020

Deerhoof have shared a massive, surprise covers album titled Love-Lore through Joyful Noise. The entire record is now available to download for free through the label, as well as at the band's Bandcamp and official website.

The 35-minute, 43-song medley was recorded live at NYC's Rivington Rehearsal Studios and was mixed by the band themselves. The collection spans decades in its cover material, featuring reworks of classics by Kraftwerk, the B-52s, Sun Ra, the Velvet Underground, the Beach Boys, the Police, Voivod, Laurie Anderson and many more.

Deerhoof consider the record as a kind of sequel to this year's apocalyptic Future Teenage Cave Artists, according to a press release, as both albums "touch on the disillusionment of youth and past dreams of the future, which are now abandoned in the present."

The band elaborate further in a statement: "Instead of the projected 21st century in which disease, racism, and inequality are obsolete and everyone has a flying car and robot maid, our current blasted landscape finds the men, women, and children of Earth at the brink of extermination."

Alongside the release, Deerhoof have listed a limited-edition, hand-screened poster featuring bassist/vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki's original artwork and a Muindi Fanuel Muindi-penned essay about the record's themes. Deerhoof have yet to announce plans for a physical release of the album. 

Listen to Love-Lore below, where you can watch the band's live listening party panel. Scroll down to see the record's full tracklisting.


1. Ornelle Coleman – "In All Languages"
2. John Donald Robb – "Excerpt from Spatial Serenade"
3. Voivod – "Macrosolutions to Megaproblems"
4. Earl Kim – "Earthlight"
5. Stu Phillips – "Knight Rider"
6. Raymond Scott – "Ohio Bell"
7. Mauricio Kagel – "Music for Renaissance Instruments"
8. Eddie Grant – "Electric Avenue"
9. Gary Numan – "Cars"
10. Karlheinz Stockhausen – "Kontakte"
11. The Beach Boys – "Wonderful"
12. Gerald Fried – "Star Trek: Balance of Terror"
13. Pauline Oliveros – "All Fours
14. Paul Williams – "Rainbow Connection"
15. James Tenney – "For Ann (Rising)"
16. Silver Apples – "Oscillations"
17. Kraftwerk – "We Are the Robots"
18. John Williams – "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
19. The Police – "Driven to Tears"
20. Morton Feldman – "Patterns in a Chromatic Field"
21. Sun Ra – "They Dwell on Other Planes"
22. Parliament – "Unfunky UFO"
23. Asha Puthli – "Space Talk"
24. Ennio Morricone – "Ottave Comandamento: Corri Veloce"
25. Milton Babbitt – "Homily for Snare Drum"
26. The B-52s – "Song for a Future Generation"
27. Sofia Gubaidulina – "Mechanical Accordion"
28. Vinicius De Moraes and Baden Powell – "O Astronauta"
29. Dionne Warwick – "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"
30. David Graeber – "Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit"
31. Derek Bailey – "Improvisation"
32. William Hanna and Hoyt Curtin – "The Jetsons"
33. Anthony Braxon – "C-M=B05"
34. Gyorgy Kurtag – "Shadows for Contrabass Solo"
35. Eric Siday – "The Perking Coffee Pot"
36. Igor Stravinsky – "Variations Aldous Huxley in Memoriam"
37. Caetano Veloso – "Pulsar"
38. Luigi Nono – "Uno Espressione"
39. Krzysztof Penderecki – "Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima"
40. John Cage – "Empty Words"
41. George Brecht – "Drip Music"
42. The Velvet Underground – "All Tomorrow's Parties"
43. Laurie Anderson – "Example #22"

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